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Best Bottled Water Brands To Buy For The Whole Family

Bottled water is popular all over the world nowadays. It is where clean drinking water is packed and the container is usually made of plastic or glass.

Many people opt for the consumption of bottled water since it is safe and easy to bring anywhere. It is available in many parts of the globe may it be at the hospitals, grocery stores, gyms, and malls. It is affordable than any other type of drinks. Finally, it is good for the body versus carbonated products.

Indeed, buying bottled water is as easy as one-two-three. However, in this article, we will introduce some of the best-bottled water brands to drink.

Also, we will tackle some issues with the use of bottled waters and how consumers can help solve the issue.

Best Bottled Water To Buy


The Aquafina brand has high-regards due to its purified water product which can be flavored or unflavored. It is produced by the PepsiCo and considered as one of the top bottled water companies.

The company has been established since 1999. Since then, they receive positive feedback from customers.

The water of Aquafina came from the municipal tap. Thereafter, it goes through purification. The process comprises of ozone sterilization, reverse osmosis, and the use of UV rays. With all these steps, Aquafina can be able to produce a refreshing purified water.

In addition, the plastic used in the bottles are environment-friendly. As such, the consumption of their product will not damage the nature.

Indeed, Americans have welcomed Aquafina with open arms. In this regard, the company has produced $ 2.522 billion sales in 2017.


Bisleri means water in India. The company started in Mumbai, India and has been popular across the globe since 1965.

The product is known for its green color packaging and it is now available in different sizes. Today, the company has 13 plants, 80 co-packers, and 21 franchises. They distribute their water nationwide.

Many people include Bisleri on their daily groceries because of its clear, high-quality and affordable drinking water. Indeed, this one deserves to be named as one of the best-bottled water since then up until now.

C’est Bon

The C’est Bon Company started in China in 1990. Their main goal is to provide high-quality water and services for their clients.

Through the years, the company has captured the hearts of its customers. Also, they are considered as one of the Famous Chinese Trademark and one of the competitive brands of bottled water in the world.

This is because the C’est Bon product features a sweet and natural flavor. Also, the water is cool with its first taste. As such, the C’est Bon is popular not only in China but even in the United States.

Danone Bottled Water

The Danone Bottled Water strives to be one of the best company to offer healthy drinking water. Their team exerts effort to make their bottles stylish and usable. As such, one can have it for travel, family consumption, and even office use.

In 2015, the Danone Bottled Water was ranked as the 2nd top bottled water companies around the world. They own 10.1% of the market share. It was estimated that the brand costs around $ 200.3 billion for the global market.


Another top brand from a known company is the Dasani. The Coca-Cola bottlers launched Dasani in 1999. Since then, it has been gaining attention to consumers around the globe.

This water bottle is from tap water and it is available in various sizes. However, through purification, impurities are removed. Thereby, it produces fresh tasting drink which contains minerals.

Dasani is considered by consumers due to the hint of natural fruit flavor. Indeed, it refreshes the mind and body in times of need.

Deer Park

The Deer Park produces 100% natural spring water. The company started its humble beginnings with the Appalachian spring. Today, they have 13 springs as the source of their product which is spread across the four states of America.

Meanwhile, they have also introduced real fruit flavors in some of their refreshment drinks. For many years, the company has been celebrating success with clients support of their products.

Indeed, with the Deer Park product, one can taste the gift of nature. Clients can purchase the flavored and unflavored drinks depending on their choice. Also, every product is free of synthetic colors and flavors.


The name of Evian is from a small town in the French Alps. However, it is also the same as ‘naïve’ when spelled backward.

The company states that the water passed through few scientifically permeable layers. After 15 years, the snow and the rain made their way in the underground spring. Then, the water harvested by the company is now filled with minerals and electrolytes.

The Evian water bottle tastes superb due to its multiple minerals. Also, the texture is a little bit thin. However, Evian is still one of the must-have bottled waters today.


The Fiji brand started in 2006 and it came from the Pacific Island. Nowadays, one can find the Fiji water bottles in top hotels, airports, and retail outlets. Around 60 countries worldwide use Fiji as their main source of clean drinking water.

This type of water bottle offers fine water. The company strives to make their product look good and be different. As such, consumers celebrate Fiji to be one of the top bottled companies today.

Glaceau SmartWater

Meanwhile, the Glaceau SmartWater is another top bottled water source. This one offers pure and crisp delicious fluid, like the first drop of the rain.

Unlike other brands, the Glaceau uses the hydrologic cycle. It includes vapor distillation where every drop of water is taken care like the first drop of unpolluted rain. Then, the process continues and they combine some electrolytes. Thus, the end product is a crisp and clean water.

Mountain Valley Spring Water

The Mountain Valley Spring Water has been the favorite of many people since 1871. According to the company, it will take 3,500 years for the rainwater to make its way to the aquifer. Then, the naturally high pH will work well to neutralize the highly acidic food.

Indeed, the Mountain Valley Spring Water has sweet flavors and it boasts a high drinkability. It rejuvenates the body and it tastes like a filtered water from a geological source.

Nestle Waters

The Nestle Company introduced the world the Nestle Waters in 1992. Through the years, they have been continuously innovating bottled water products for their clients.

The team is composed of experts and they have a production unit at 34 countries globally. They create flavored and healthy sparkling water so people can substitute it with the use of sweetened juices and sodas.

Nongfu Spring

The Nongfu Spring started in 1996 in Hangzhou, China. Along with other products, the Nongfu Spring grabbed the international audience due to its quality and affordability. Some of its best-sellers are the juices, tea, and bottled water.

This water product uses natural ingredients to make it healthy and good for the body. They also use best production management systems and technology to ensure that their every bottled water has an excellent condition.

In 2015, the sales of the company amounted to 5.6% of the total bottled water in China. Indeed, they have dominated other water companies around the world.


The Ozarka Company get its water from the three natural springs in Texas. The three sites are spread across 150 miles on the eastern part of Texas.

The experts take an utmost care in the process of bottling waters to make sure that their products are safe for consumption.

Meanwhile, some of the products of Ozarka are the spring water, distilled water, and sparkling water.

Poland Spring

The Poland Spring is manufactured in Poland but it became popular in the United States. It celebrated its success in 2006 and since then, it didn’t fail to meet the expectations of its consumers.

The company provides distilled water, spring water, and sparkling water. Just like other brands, they do offer their water products in various sizes too. Interested consumers can also avail their natural fruit essence flavors like orange, lime, and lemon.

Their source is in Maine and they deliver their product in the US and New England.

Poland Spring Community Programs

One of the reasons why the Poland Spring strives to be the best because of their community outreach programs. They serve the Maine community with their water donation program.

Poland Spring donated clean drinking water to several community groups. In 2016, they have donated an estimated 800,000 water bottles. Indeed, the company has a balance of protection to natural habitat, community development, and safe drinking water for everybody.


The Tingyi Holdings Corporation or Master Kong was founded in 1996. It is based in Tianjin, China but its products are now available in the United States and other parts of the world.

The company creates various products which include sodas and instant noodles. Among their best-sellers is the Tingyi bottled water.

In 2014, the bottled water has a trade volume share amounting to 12%. Indeed, the brand name Master Kong has been emerging as a good product in the market.

Thereafter, they launched the natural mineral water. This now showcases their ability to create a high-quality product for their loyal consumers and partners.


The Voss product is founded in the artesian well located in Norway. Just like the Mountain Spring water products, the Voss is expensive yet of high-quality.

Voss can usually be found in hotels, malls, and other places.

The product is unique and expressive. Indeed, one can taste various minerals on it with just one gulp.


Wahaha is not funny as it seems but it boasts top water quality to its consumers. With the tagline, “Healthy Life, Healthy Water,” the company is being applauded in the international arena.

Indeed, the name is catchy which marks in the heart of the consumers.

The company is founded in China in 1987. They started its operation with the creation of soda, ice cream, and stationery products.

Since 1987, the company has grown into a massive and successful brand. Today, they now have 80 production units around the world.

Their natural mineral water came from their spring located in Shanghai Mountain. Through reverse osmosis, the water is assured to include minerals that boast a fresh taste.

Issues on the Use of Bottled Water

Unhealthy Plastic Bottle

Some people are hesitant to use the bottled water due to its unhealthiness. This is because bottled water uses soft and clear plastic in its storage.

Yes, plastic bottles are cheap and user-friendly. However, the plastic bottles can be susceptible to plastic leaching.

BPA can affect the quality of water and cause health problems in the end. It can lead to respiratory problems and digestive issues which can take days and months of healing.

As such, it is best to opt for bottled waters that are made of non-BPA material.

Piling of Garbage

Also, the piling of plastic bottle trash is becoming an issue not only in America but in other parts of the world. It fills the lands as well as the oceans.

Indeed, plastic will not degrade fast unlike other types of materials. As such, some people opt to filter their own water. But another option is to recycle bottled waters.


Bottled Water for Convenience

In sum, bottled water is essential today. It saves the lives of many people and it keeps the body hydrated in times of needs. There are various products available worldwide and we only need to shop wisely otherwise, we can waste our time, money, and efforts in buying the right product.

Consider various factors in bottled water shopping. Check the filtration process, minerals included, and expiration date too. Water does not expire. However, the company indicates the recommended time to store it so it won’t leach and affect the water quality in the long run.

Trash in the Usage of Bottled Water

Also, as consumers, we need to be responsible in our trash that accumulates in the environment. As such, it is better to use non-BPA plastics or bottles. Read the product labels or the information provided by the company on their official website. It is also best to recycle plastic bottles so we can minimize our garbage and save it for future use.