Best Large Fish Tanks- 150, 200, 300 Gallon Fish Tanks Review

Lustrous water plants, natural decor elements, and colorful fishes are all inside an aquarium. It creates an amazing sight inside the home. Anyone can appreciate it because it can simply relax your mind just by looking at it.

Keeping a fish tank or aquarium at home may be really a beautiful part of your home. Fish tanks come in different sizes and shapes. They also come in different materials. Before you start buying your own tank, it would be wise to learn about the different options available to you.

If you are an aquarium hobbyist and you want to expand your fish tank due to some reasons, this article will guide you which fish tanks are good choices for you. Below will be discussed the benefits, buying guide and reviews in some large fish tanks.

Benefits of Fish Aquarium At Home

However small or big your fish tank or aquarium in your home or in your office, it really gives a sight in the room. You can just place it anywhere you like it. A perfect spot and a beautifully decorated fish tank would really provide you that relaxing state you want. Below are some other benefits you can gain for putting a fish tank at home.


A study  showed that watching a fish swim in an aquarium can ease the heart rate, improve mood and increase interest. It showed that it has important well-being and health benefits. You may well know that it surely relaxes your mind just by simply staring at it. But studies really showed its amazing benefits.

Better Sleep

Given that fish aquarium have relaxing effect, having it beside your bed or in your bedroom may give you that calming and relaxing effect as you doze off. Putting some LED aquarium lights can also help you put to sleep easily. Watching the fish in the aquarium with LED lights as you go to sleep will give you calming sleep. You can always have a good night’s sleep.

More Productivity

An aquarium can be a neutralizer to a stressful environment. If your office is like a pressure cooker, then having this may give you a restart state. It can clear your mind, reduce your heart rate and stress. Besides its stress-relieving effect, it can also help you focus better on your work. You will increase your productivity power.

Calming Children

Having a fish aquarium can calm children that are hyperactive. Children diagnosed with ADHD calm down once they start watching the fish swim across the fish tank. These children can also be inspired to go see large aquariums or fish pet shops. Some parents with autistic children may consider having one because it can also help children with autism.

Generally, children find aquariums amazing and entertaining. They become curious and just may develop interest in these animals. You might also be careful once the children become too curious and unpleasant things might happen.

Calming Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s patients tend to have trouble in eating and taking their own medicine. A study found out that when Alzheimer’s patients were exposed to the fish tanks, they appeared more relaxed and alert. When fish tanks were in nursing homes, they ate more of their food. They also took proper medications and supplements. There were also lesser periods of yelling, physical aggression, pacing and wandering.


Fish Tanks Buying Guide

Now that you know how much having a fish tank around any corner of your room, you may be pretty convinced and eager to have your own fish tank. Or, you may already have one but you want to upgrade it so that you can have bigger and nicer aquarium to watch. Here are some buying tips and guide that you need to take in mind so that it may fit your need and wants.


Before you buy, it is best to figure out what fish you want to place in your aquarium. You should ask questions like how much big they get? How much space they need to swim? Are they comfortable in groups, pairs or are they solitary type.

If you want small fish, there are 5-10 gallon fish tank types. If it is bigger and/or in groups, there are up to 300-gallon types of fish tanks. The size of your fish tank really depends on what you want, in this case. Research more on the fish to determine the exact size.

Filtration System

Some fish tanks, when bought, already have their own filtration system. Others are bought separately. You can choose to buy the first choice, the one equipped with its own filtration system. It is convenient and may save you a few dollars.

However, there are instances that you may want to buy them separately because you want to buy the one that fits the needs of your aquarium, specifically the fishes. Experienced aquarists generally like to buy systems that can be customized to best serve their home aquarium. If you buy an all-in-one fish tank, you’re more or less stuck with the system for the life of the aquarium.

A canister filter is a complex and sophisticated piece of kit. Buying your filter and tank separately is generally more expensive, especially if you want the canister filter. You just really have to calculate your own budget.


Lighting may look like an accessory to fish tanks but some fish need lighting requirements. As you learned about your fish, you must also know the lighting requirement you fish needs. This is another area of research for you.

Apart from being necessary for your fish and plants, it also adds appeal to the overall look of your tank as well.

Just like filters, some fish tanks already have lighting while others don’t. You have to buy it separately. The good thing is that most fish tank lighting in the market can be as low as $20.


There are two main types of material that fish tanks are made of: acrylic and glass.

Glass is very strong and supportive, and thicker than acrylic. Acrylic is also very strong yet requires a stand for top support. It is also thinner than acrylic.

Glass is up to 10 times heavier. It can crack under extreme force and cannot be scratched easily. Acrylic is the lighter one, can crack easily in under low blow or impact and can be scratched easily.

Glass can maintain its quality over time. Since it is thicker, there can be more light refraction which means there is more visual distortion. They are also generally cheaper. Acrylic can become yellowish over time. You can see the true actual size and color inside since it has minimal distortion. It is also generally more costly.

But if you really want a cheaper price, plastic fish tanks are the best option. However, they are smaller and can’t be used with a filter and not really suitable for proper fish-keeping.


Being an aquarium hobbyist is not a cheap hobby. It involves small and large expenses for setting up a proper and best aquarium you can have in your home. Apart from the tank, filter, lighting that you previously know, you also need these important part of your full aquarium set up: water thermometer, water heater, chemical test kit, live plants or reef, decorations, substrate, fish and fish food.

If you are just starting out, you can still consider these insights in buying your first fish tank. You may just start with a small fish tank, a filer, lighting, some fish and fish food. Everything else can be added as you become more experienced and enthusiastic in upgrading and expanding your aquarium.


Best Large Fish Tanks in 150 Gal, 200 Gal, and 300 Gal Fish Tank Reviews

  1. Aquarium Masters Standard Aquarium, 150 Gallon

This high quality bare bones Masters 150 aquarium is  of very high-quality distortion-free glass. The edges are diamond-polished and has commercial grade sealant that prevent leakages. However, it can be very heavy.


  • Has very high-quality glass and general construction
  • It is tried and tested by numerous industry standards.
  • Has minimal light refraction and visual distortion
  • It is bare bones aquarium that can be perfect for buying your own accessories and equipment
  • Perfect for saltwater fishes
  • It is of reasonable price


  • It is as heavy as 200lbs.


  1. Triton Oasis 150 Gallon Aquarium

Another 150-gallon tank but it is a little more all-in-one kind than the Masters model above. You can have more or less everything you need in this saltwater aquarium. Built in sump filtration system, with LED lighting, Smart controller, LCD computer boa, water and air pump. This is a complete acrylic aquarium’s system.

Given that, it can be very much pricey but a real beauty as well.


  • Very attractive model.
  • Has beautiful four-sided views and rounded corners.
  • Made from acrylic which means it is stronger and clearer than glass.
  • It is a complete aquarium system with sophisticated built-in wet/dry filtration system, lighting and pumps.
  • Has Smart LCD control board.
  • Has protein skimmer and heater
  • It is perfect both for fresh and saltwater fishes.


  • It is expensive.
  • It is as heavy as over 300 lbs.


3. Marineland Starphire Tank, Double Corner-Flo 200 Gal

It has starphire glass front with seams which are double sealed. The ground and edges are polished to look like a high-end aquarium. It is ideal both for saltwater and freshwater fish.


  • Has a deep dimension stunning marine or freshwater display.
  • Features a double-sealed safety seams.
  • Its ground and edges are polished to have a high-end look.
  • It is ideal for marine and freshwater fish


  • It is heavy and expensive


  1. Perfecto Manufacturing APF97014 Marineland Fish Aquarium with 2 Extra High Corner-Flo 220-Gallon Tank

It is an overflow aquarium system. The circulation of water is being maximized by it main filter system with very minimal noise. It is silicone-sealed aquarium until its back corner to the each of its walls. All of its components are protected and out of sight. The front section is easy to remove so that you can easily and conveniently clean it.


  • Has a super-efficient overflow aquarium system.
  • With a perfect circulation that maximizes water flow to the main filter system.
  • It doesn’t create much noise.
  • The water circulation is very efficient that keeps fish successfully.
  • The front section is removable and is convenient for cleaning.


  • It can be heavy up to 400 lbs.
  • It is expensive.


  1. Pro Clear Aquatic Systems Freedom 300 Gal Reef Sump

It has silencer tubes that suppress noise and also remove bubbles.Lesser possible detritus pass through the diffusing water flow. Its water retention wall after a foam block also removes the bubbles from the return pumping. It is a great choice because it has a lifetime warranty against leaks and defects in workmanship.


  • Specifically designed for saltwater systems.
  • Easy to use and inexpensive to maintain.
  • Has a quiet operation because of its noise-suppressant silencer tubes.
  • With micron bags and foams that remove bubbles


  • It can be heavy.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories such as wire clips,  dosing holder, probe holder and etc.


  1. Marineland Starphire Tank, Double Corner-Flo 300 Gal

300 Gallon Tank Starphire W/ 2 Cornerflo has deep dimension tank that feature stunning marine or freshwater display. It has a glass front with black trim and silicone. It maximizes its water flow while minimizing noise. The tanks also feature double sealed safety seams.


  • Has a deep dimension stunning marine or freshwater display.
  • It is noise-free and super efficient.
  • Features a double-sealed safety seams.
  • Its ground and edges are polished to have a high-end look.
  • It is ideal for marine and fresh water fish.


  • It is very big and heavy
  • It can be costly.



These brands are among the best available. You can expect that all other reviews on other types of fish tanks will emerge. You would find it easy this time. Bear in mind always that the tips above will be useful when you are thinking in buying whether it’s your first or new fish tank.

The review provided will help you in selecting the best fish tank from the various options provided, and it will be your choice to assess whether the tank is suitable for you and your needs. This means that you have to get it right to avoid any regrets in the future. You should first bear in mind the duties that come with an aquarium before you seek any purchase.

The tips will help you greatly in making such crucial decision on which product to choose. After you have chosen and bought one, keep it well-maintained always; Always keep the fish tank clean so that the fish can enjoy as they also give enjoyment to you.