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7 Best Water Softeners One Can Avail For The Family Today

The water softeners are one of the best innovation our community enjoys nowadays. With its use, family members can have access to a water free of harmful chemicals.

Today, water softeners are available in different designs and sizes. Manufacturers have incorporated it with various filtration systems to make the system effective.

In this article, we have selected some of the best water softeners so readers won’t have to waste their time on finding products. Check it all below:

Best Water Softeners

Aquasana EQ 1000 AST Water Filter

The Aquasana products are indeed one of the best whole house water softeners. It combines various system into one remarkable package. Here are its designs and specifications:

Water Filtration System

The Aquasana water filter combines various system such as the UV filter and salt-free soft water system.

UV Filter

The UV filter has the ability to kill any virus or bacteria which are too small for the filters.

With this, it can be able to remove chlorine. Also, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants will be eliminated in the water. Surely, one can avoid the side effects of chlorine with the use of Aquasana product.

Salt-free Soft Water System

On the other hand, the Aquasana can also remove around 96.6% of salt.

Unlike other products, this one doesn’t demineralize the water. It can even protect the appliances from corrosion and scale. With this, home appliances’ lifespan can be prolonged and become efficient to do its job.

Lifespan of Product

With proper care and maintenance, the Aquasana water filter can last for up to 10 years or 1,000,000 gallons used.

Indeed, unlike other products, the Aquasana is a little bit expensive yet it produces top quality results. Check this one now!

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Aquios FS 220

For salt-free water softeners, try the Aquios FS 220. With this, it can filter the water and eliminate scale without losing pressure.

Aquios is affordable and environment-friendly, that’s why it received positive feedback from customers. Check out its features here:

Salt-Free Water Systems

Since the Aquios enables a salt-free water system, it will not reduce the hardness of the water just like how the traditional water softeners do.

What it does is, it prevents minerals like magnesium and calcium from bonding to appliances and pipes. With this, it can remove the limescale deposits and prevent new ones from appearing.

Special Cartridges

With the special cartridges added on the water softeners, it now features some additive. It can last for up to 40,000 gallons of water or up to 6 months of continuous usage.

Also, it has a 5-micron water filter which can protect the family from large water contaminants.

Surely, a family with four members can avail of this product without the hassle.


Lastly, the company offers a 20-year warranty on the product. With this, one can surely have the best deal out of his money.

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Eddy Water Descaler

If one is looking for a cheaper yet effective alternative, then try the Eddy Water Descaler. With this, the appliances can be protected from the build-up of limescale.

Also, there is no need for advanced technical knowledge to install the product.

The following are its features and specifications:

Preventing the Minerals to Stick to the Appliances

Unlike the traditional soft water softeners, the Eddy Water Descaler prevents the minerals from sticking to the pipework and appliances. With this, it can be protected from damages.

Affordable Product

Again, the Eddy Water Descaler is much cheaper than other products in this list. It does not use salt or water. Also, it will not eliminate the healthy minerals which can be found in the water.

A system that does not use any salt has greater benefits for the environment. Maintenance is affordable and better to run.

Easy Installation

One can install the product by coiling the two sets of wires around the pipe. It is best to have this set-up near a power supply and mounted on the wall.

There are no special skills needed and anyone can do the job as easy as one-two-three.


The company offers a 12-month warranty on the product. Buyers can also get a 100% money back guarantee for their first purchase. Also, anyone can have a lifetime repair or have the parts replaced.

In sum, the Eddy Water Descaler is a good alternative for the expensive salt-based water systems. It is an affordable water softener which is good for the environment too.

Alongside its features, the warranty can be tempting for practical consumers. Thus, give this one a try now!

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Fleck 5600SXT

The Fleck electronic valve has high-regards in the industry. For a Marquee water softeners, choose the Fleck 5600ST. This top pick is indeed amazing amongst the mid to higher price range. Here are some of its features and specifications:

48,000 Grain Capacity

This model has a grain capacity of up to 48,000. As such, it can soften even the hardest water inside the home. With this product, it can work effectively and produce clean water which is good for six people.

The saltwater tank of the product is used in the regeneration process that can clean the resin. Also, it can hold around 250 lbs of salt.

Also, it has a flow rate of 12 gallons each minute. Definitely, houses with multiple bathrooms can find this helpful.

Ability to Run Unaided

Homeowners choose the Fleck 5600ST over other products because it does not fail to meet their expectations. Its ability to run unaided captures the heart of everyone. One just needs to add some salt every few months and then it can already work its magic!

Four Modes of Regeneration

Meanwhile, the Fleck electronic valve can rinse and replenish or regenerate on its own. Its four modes of regeneration are the following:

  • Immediate meter regeneration
  • Delayed time clock regeneration
  • Delayed meter regeneration
  • Day of week regeneration
Delayed Meter Regeneration

The delayed meter regeneration is the most useful among the four types of regeneration. With this mode, the meter can be able to monitor water usage.

Thereafter, it will regenerate the system automatically at a certain level. In this regard, one will never run out of soft water.

Meanwhile, the day of week regeneration mode can be a good option too! This is especially true whenever one had the unit functioning for some weeks now.

Using this mode, one can have enough time to determine how long the softener will take to reach its full capacity. Finally, one can set a determined time per week so the system can regenerate automatically.

Backup Power and Digital Display

The electronic valve has a 48-hour backup power in case of a power failure. It also includes an LCD backlit display plus an intuitive user surface.

It boasts digital electronics which is a good selling point. One can see the current time and date on the screen, plus the remaining soft water.

Tank Capacity and Lifeline

The tank capacity is 1.5 ft3. With this, medium to large households can definitely use this one. Also, the model can last around three years.

Unlike the water, the product is more resilient to chlorine. As such, it is recommended to heavy chlorinated cities or municipalities.


The Fleck Company offers 10-years warranty on the tank and 5-years warranty on the digital valve. Buyers also love the kind of customer service their representatives extend to their customers.

Indeed, the Fleck 5600SXT water softeners are hard to match. It does not need extravagant maintenance and it’s very effective. Furthermore, the product is designed in such a way that it captures the heart of every interested buyer.

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Iron Pro 2

The Iron Pro 2 is a type of water softeners which has a substantial capacity. With the iron filter, it can protect several household appliances away from harm.

Just like the Fleck product, this one has a digital control valve too. With this, it can regenerate automatically. Furthermore, this product is surely built to last a long time.

Take a sneak peek of its features and specifications below:

Grain Capacity

The Iron Pro 2 has a 64,000-grain capacity, unlike other products. With this, big families with the hardest water opt for the purchase of this product. Surely it can stand the demands of homes with many bathrooms.

According to tests conducted, this product can remove up to 75 grains per gallon of hard water. Its water flow rate is at 16 gallons per minute.

Iron Filter

Due to the iron filter, it can aid in the removal of iron and other particles in the water. In this note, it will not clog up in the water, unlike any other lightweight products.

Also, it can remove 6ppm of manganese, rust, and other sediments.

Digital Valve

This product uses the digital valve which is the same with the Fleck 5600SXT. It can be able to monitor the water usage and be able to regenerate through a small amount of water and salt.

Through time, the product can adjust its schedule and suit the needs of the household.


The company offers a 5-year warranty on the digital valve and 10-year warranty on the tank. With this, one can definitely have the best deal out of his money. Furthermore, this type of model comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee as well.

In a nutshell, the Iron Pro 2 has a huge capacity and it is very effective in its tasks. It is robust and suitable for a big family.

Don’t forget to have the Iron Pro 2 immediately!

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Revolution Water Softeners

The Revolution Water Softeners are among the innovative products that many people patronize today. They offer an amazing warranty and its performance outweighs those of other popular brands.

Check out its features and specifications below:

Capacity Grain

The Revolution range provides softening power that starts at 32,000 grains.

Also, it has one of the enormous systems which totals to 96,000 grains. With this, it can be able to handle huge family’s demands on the supply of soft water.

In addition, the system of the Revolution Water Softeners can allow a very strong flow rate of the water. This the reason why homeowners with multiple bathrooms prefer this product.

Two Tank Design and Digital Meter

Similar to other products, this one has a two tank design. There is also a digital meter just like the Fleck system. Amazingly, the display is an LCD touchpad which is user-friendly.

With the digital control valve, it can minimize wastage of water plus the salt. One can adjust it according to the usage of the household.

Furthermore, backwashes can be adjusted according to the locality’s water condition.

Green Technology

It can control the amount of salt needed to be used. With the Green Technology, it can reduce the discharge of the salt by 75%.


The company offers an amazing warranty period which everybody loves to have. The digital valve has a 10-year warranty. Meanwhile, the brine tanks and resin have warranties for a lifetime.

Surely, the Revolution Range stands from other types of products, thus, better check it out now!

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WaterBoss 365

For a 2-in-1 softener and water filter, go ahead and try the WaterBoss 365 product now! The following are its best features:

Grain Capacity

The WaterBoss 365 comes with a 36,400-grain capacity which is good enough for an average size home. Surely, this product can protect house members from various water contaminants like the heavy metals.

The product can soften hard water of up to 90 grains per gallons. For extremely hard water, it’s 90 gpg. Surely, this product is very effective in doing its job.

Meter Based Regeneration System

The WaterBoss 365 product supports the meter based regeneration system. With this, it can regenerate based on the water usage through enough water and salt.

In less than 38 minutes, it can already regenerate. Less regeneration is equivalent to less usage of water.

With its lowest setting, there are only 14 gallons of water plus 3 pounds of salt that can be used. Surely, one can save money in the long run.

No Big Space Needed

The WaterBoss is an all-in-one unit which does not require big space. One can just have it in the corner of the room and allow it to run quietly on its own.


The company offers a 10-year warranty on the cabinet and the tank. Meanwhile, the electronic system has a 3-year warranty.

Grab this one now for the family!

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In a nutshell, there are many water softeners that one can choose for their family. Always remember to buy products based on the needs. Choose for those that provide quality results, environment-friendly, and economic.