Facts About Water Pollution and its Effects

Facts About Water Pollution and its Effects


When it comes to our nature, we should be taking extra care of it. Because we will never know how long this world will last. Or if it will be able to survive for the next thousands of years, the younger generation are the ones who will most likely to suffer the consequences because of the global warming that is happening in our world. There are different kinds of pollution that is slowly killing our mother nature. And this is because of us. Which is why we should do something about it to lessen or to stop this pollution causing acts.

Water is one of the most abundant element on earth. We are surrounded by different bodies of water. But day by day, we are also slowly killing the life that are living in these waters. This is because of the wastes that a lot of people are throwing in the ocean. And also the oil spill from the different oil factories or from any ship that had an accident.

Water is one of the sources of our food. We get to eat fish so that we will be able to stay alive. And by maintaining the number of fishes in the sea, we should take extra care of our ocean. Because if we will dump all of the different kinds of wastes in the ocean, we are slowly poisoning the fish. And if the fishes are already poisoned, most of them end up dying or we will be eating a bad kind of a fish and might get food poisoned.

There are more reasons on why our water is polluted. And there are a lot of bad effects whenever the water is already contaminated with harmful chemicals or elements. Here are some facts about polluted water so that you will be aware of what is really going on.


  • Our earth is made up of 70% water. Which is why we are exposed to pollution. That is if we are still continuing in polluting the water. We know that we are surrounded by water, and there is a higher risk of getting sick. Especially if you’re the kind of a person who likes to go to the beach often.


  • Whenever there is a shipwreck, there will always be an oil spill. And if the oil is already spilled in the ocean, the fishes underneath and the corals will slowly die and deteriorate. And it will be difficult for us to find fresh and safe fish to eat.


  • Out of the 70% of water in the world, only 2.5% is fresh. And this is the only water that we can drink. But tap water is no longer safe for us to drink. Especially if you live in the city because it is one of the polluted fresh water due to the wastes from the different establishments and households.


  • There are some countries who are over populated. And this is one of the main reasons of the water pollution within their area. One of the most populated countries is China. They don’t have that much access to clean water. Due to the over population, all of the wastes from the different establishments and households are already contaminating the water.


  • Another thing about China’s access to water is that they have this 20% underground water. They get water here so that they have something to use. But it is also contaminated because it is found underground. What they do is filter it out so that at least it will be cleaner and safer for them to drink.


  • There are a lot of non-biodegradable wastes are being tossed in the ocean. And this is one of the reasons on why our water is already polluted and very hazardous to the living organisms in the sea. Plastics are few of the common wastes that are being thrown away in the ocean. It will take years for it to dissolve. And it also has the possibility to ruin the life in the ocean and can deteriorate the fish production in the area. And if this will still continue, it might happen to all over the world.


  • Japan is one of the richest countries in the world. But during the time when a huge tsunami hit them, a lot of wastes were washed into the great ocean.And also, one of the biggest reasons why the water that surrounds them is polluted. They dumped 11 million liters of radioactive water into the pacific ocean because it will destroy their fresh water. But little do they know, that they are also contributing a huge part in water pollution all over the world due to this.


  • Most of the water in the world is already polluted. And a lot of children die every year. Around 15 million children die because they are drinking contaminated water. Which is why it is already a calling that we should be watching the way we throw away the different kinds of wastes that we are throwing. It can cause a major negative effect if we let our trash flat around the different kinds of bodies of waters.


  • We all know that in the United States of America, they have different kinds of rivers and lakes. But most of them are also polluted. The same reason as the other kinds of bodies of waters around the world. 40% of their rivers are populated and also 46% of their lakes are also unhealthy for any fish to live in or for us humans to swim in. Only 4% of the water is left that is safe and clean for everyone to drink and use and for a fish or any aquatic life to live in.


  • If USA has already its own percentage on how polluted their waters are, how much more for Asia? Asia has a lot of bodies of waters. In one country, you will be able to find different kinds of lakes and rivers and seas. There are a lot of adventures for you to do. But also, a lot of rivers from an Asian country is also rich or packed with bacteria. The most common reason why there are a lot of bacteria in the rivers it is because of human waste. There are still a lot of Asian countries where people still live under the bridges or by the beach. They build their houses just few meters above the sea or the coast.


  • Our water today is already highly polluted. How much more in the future? Around 2.5 billion people in 2025 will experience water shortage. Because a lot of water areas are already contaminated and are already not safe for anyone to drink. This is a study made by Food & water Watch that has more human population. It will be difficult for them to search for clean water because majority of the water in earth is already poisonous and toxic.


  • The water all around the world is most likely contaminated. Which is why there are around 700 million people who are drinking contaminated water. They don’t know that they are drinking contaminated water. Although we already have advanced kinds of filters, but there will always be some micro contaminants that has the ability to harm the body of the person who is drinking.


  • A lot of people who are living in the rural areas are also experiencing the negative effects of drinking water. Because they are living close to a body of water that is also contaminated. It will be difficult for them to have a clean or purified water because of their location.


  • We all know that there are a lot of people who are living in areas where water is one of the most difficult things fir them to have. And according to the WHO and the UNICEFF, there are around 894 people worldwide who don’t have any access to water. Or even if they do have access, it will be also contaminated or unsafe for them to have or drink.


  • And since the water all over the world is already contaminated, the life forms under the sea is slowly dying. There are a lot more sea lives that are dying than those that are living on land or the terrestrial animals. Even the terrestrial animals are slowly dying because they too are drinking contaminated water.


  • We are slowly killing and poisoning the water all over the world. There are a lot of people who are living close to a certain body of water. And every day, there are about two million tons of human waste that are being dumped or being disposed in water. Which is one of the most hazardous things that a person can do. It is slowly killing the life form in the water. And we are also slowly eliminating the source of food that we eat. Because without fish, we will not be able to eat something healthy because some fishes are already contaminated. And they will no longer be safe for us to eat.


  • And since there are still a lot of people who are dumping their wastes in the water, it is because they don’t have proper pipe alignments in their homes. This is commonly found in the urban areas. And they are most likely the ones who contributes in ruining and poisoning the water that we use to drink or use everyday.


  • There are a lot of factories all over the world who are throwing away the chemical wastes that they have into the water. This is because they don’t know on where they will throw their wastes. Both leather and other kinds of factories are the reasons why a certain city is rich. But when it comes to the cleanliness of the environment around them, it is already dangerous and poisonous.


  • Another report that is made by UNESCO, around 27% of the urban homes doesn’t have any proper water piping in their homes. Which is why they are forced to gather water from the lakes or river which is already contaminated.


  • We all know that the city is packed with the different kinds of establishments. Which is why most of the water systems there are dirty or contaminated. Also, they lace safe drinking water and proper sanitation. And this can lead to cholera, malaria, and diarrhea which are caused by contaminated water and not having a sanitized water.


  • There are a lot of oil spill all over the world. Which is also one of the biggest concerns by many people who are working in environmental protection. Because a lot of mammals that are being recovered that died due to contaminated water. Most of these are the land-sea creatures. Just like birds, turtles, and other kinds of mammals that goes to the ocean once in a while to catch their fish so that they will have something to eat.


  • Another causes of water pollution are the different sewage wastes that came from big ships. Most of them are from the cruise ships because there are a lot that are traveling all around. And also most of them are big which is understandable that there are a lot of people who are on board. And also, they are the ones that contributes in destroying the cleanliness of our ocean water. Because they produce around 200,000 gallons of sewage everyday. And aside from that, they are also contaminating the water because of the minor oil spill that they produce even if the ship is not wrecked.


  • Since ships are also dumping their sewage into the ocean, there are also untreated sewage from the land that are thrown into the ocean as well. Like in the U.S., around 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, industrial wastes and also storm water. These are one of the reasons why there are a lot of people in the U.S. are using the different kinds of water filters in their homes so that they will be able to keep the water that they are drinking clean so that they will also be safe.

Everything that is happening right now in our environment is because of us humans. We are producing the different kinds of contaminants that can cause the different kinds of pollution in the world. So many hazardous elements that we are dumping in the ocean that can cause a huge damage to our ocean and other bodies of water. And if this will still continue, the future generation will be the ones that will suffer. Because our water today is already contaminated, how much more if during the nextyears to come. The children of our children will the ones who will suffer and will experience the most dangerous effects of the contaminated water.

There are so many things that we can do so that we can help keep our environment clean. There are a lot of ways on how to keep our waters clean and keeping the different sea creatures alive and abundant. But there are always other people who are there to ruin everything. What we can do right now is to start with small steps so that we will have a bigger stretch and be able to do something better right after. Big things will always start from small beginnings.