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Best Under sink water filter

7 Must-Try Under Sink Water Filter System Reviews

Under sink water filter is an innovation which helps families make their drinking water safe for consumption. Instead of using wide space on the counter, this product uses space from the cabinet beneath the sink. Sometimes, it requires professional plumbing modifications or drilling a hole for the dispenser at the countertop.

The under sink water filter works by getting its water from the cold water pipe, sends it at a plastic tube to the water filter, and delivers the filtered water on a special faucet on the sink.

The system has constant pressure thus when one opens the faucet, the water will flow directly. In under sink water filter, only the drinking water produced at the special faucet is filtered. The regular hot and cold water functions of the sink is independent of the system.

Nowadays, there are various types of under sink water filtration system available. Check out some of the best products in the market today:

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