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Fact about Nitrates in Food and Water

Fact about Nitrates in Food and Drinking Water

We all know that we should always look out for whatever food that we are eating. This is to make sure that we will have a healthy lifestyle and will be able to do the different things that we should do in order for us to be alive. Before, a lot of people who are into fresh and organic kinds of foods. Because during their times, these are the only foods that are available. There were no preservatives back which is why a lot of people no longer have to worry about their health. But today, we are now living a life with the different kinds of processed foods. Nitrates are one of the main elements why preserved foods will last for a long time.Continue reading

Facts About Water Pollution and its Effects

Facts About Water Pollution and its Effects


When it comes to our nature, we should be taking extra care of it. Because we will never know how long this world will last. Or if it will be able to survive for the next thousands of years, the younger generation are the ones who will most likely to suffer the consequences because of the global warming that is happening in our world. There are different kinds of pollution that is slowly killing our mother nature. And this is because of us. Which is why we should do something about it to lessen or to stop this pollution causing acts.

Water is one of the most abundant element on earth. We are surrounded by different bodies of water. But day by day, we are also slowly killing the life that are living in these waters. This is because of the wastes that a lot of people are throwing in the ocean. And also the oil spill from the different oil factories or from any ship that had an accident.Continue reading