Whirlpool Whelj1 Whole House Water Filter Reviews

Whirlpool Whole House Water Filter Reviews: Deal Or No Deal?

Whole house water filter is the current innovation in producing potable water for the residential setting. The majority of homeowners today consumes water which contains residues of industrial wastes, heavy metals, disinfectants, and storm runoffs. As people become aware of their water condition, more consumers opt to avail of whole house water filter system.

In America, about 80% of water source comes from municipal water that is treated with chemicals like chlorine, acid neutralizers, and chloramines. In addition, about 210 million Americans consume chlorinated water without their consent.

Flouride is a chemical produced by fertilizer industry and if consumed in large quantities, it could be a threat to the body. Furthermore, the disinfectants found in municipal waters can produce Haloacetic acids (HAA) and Trihalomethanes (THM) which can cause skin allergies, reduce IQ of children, and increase the risk of developing cancer.

Private wells are even more problematic because it contains fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. The water in the well can sometimes include bacteria such as E-coli, excess level of calcium, magnesium, rust, mercury, and others.

On the other hand, there are amazing water filtration techniques that can give you some peace of mind in producing potable water. One of which is the whole house water filtration system or the point-of-entry systems.

This system can address water problems before the water enters your house. The water is clean before one uses it for drinking, cleaning, cooking, or watering the garden.

In this article, we will discuss what are the benefits of whole house water filter system and various kinds of whole house water filters. We’ll also include one of the best products today, the Whirlpool Whelj1 Whole House Water Filter System.

Benefits of using Whole House Water Filter

The whole house water filtration system brings various benefits.

First, it can produce clean water for the house. The filters can remove the chemicals as soon as they enter into the plumbing system and it will no longer be released in the air, embedded in your clothes, and other things inside the home.

Moreover, when chlorine is removed from the water, soap scum on your utensils will be prevented.

Second, it can extend the life of appliances that use water like coffee pots, water tanks, washing machines, tankless hot water heaters, and dishwashers and save the family from spending money for maintenance and replacement.

Lastly, it can enhance the level of healthy water for your house and prevent carcinogenic effects on our body. A clean water is also good for the hair and the skin. In addition, a potable water can alleviate the effects of allergies and asthma.

Types of Whole House Water Filters

The whole house water filter is available in various types. Below, we’ll discuss five of them and include their pros and cons.

Granular Activated Carbon Filter

The first type of whole house water filter is the granular activated carbon filter. This is a basic filter and an entry-level, which uses one type of filtration media.

The granular activated carbon filter can remove chlorine and its byproducts. It can also eliminate foul odor and bad taste of the water.

However, this type of filter is not an effective solution for the majority of chemicals such as fluoride and chloramines. It will not even lessen the effects of heavy metals present in the water.

Mixed Media Filtration System

Meanwhile, a mixed media whole house water filter system uses a blend of various media in a single cylindrical container. This system can connect directly to the plumbing system that can be used by the whole house.

The mixed media filtration can effectively remove chlorine and its byproducts, fluoride, heavy metals, foul odor, and bad taste in a single tank. It can usually last for many years, it can produce 1,000 gallons of water or more, and it requires low maintenance.

However, mixed media filtration system is usually expensive in comparison with other whole house water filters.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Another type of whole house water filtration system is the reverse osmosis (RO). This type of water filter can purify water in different stages. For example, through the use of sediment filtration, UV (ultraviolet) light, de-ionization, and carbon activated filters with the aid of reverse osmosis membrane.

This type is an effective method to remove contaminants and produce clean water. However, this innovation is expensive and requires huge space. It can also produce lots of waste water and even take out the valuable minerals included in the final product.

Sediment Filters

Most homes choose sediment filter because it is budget-friendly and it can physically remove particulates from the water. It acts like a net that filters the unwanted sediments in the water such as the sand, dirt, and silt before it enters the plumbing system.

However, sediment filters are not advisable in removing the bad taste, foul odor, and trace pathogen elements in the water such as volatile organic compounds and heavy metals.

Water Softeners

Lastly, a water softener is made of salt and it can mitigate the effects of hard water in your home. If you have a hard water with high levels of iron, magnesium, and calcium; then a water-softener will work best for you.

However, water softeners can not filter chemical contaminants, bad taste, or odors. It also requires high maintenance and it can contribute to high levels of potassium in the water.

Meanwhile, one of the best whole house water filter today is from the Whirlpool. Let us find out below about its company, products, product features and specifications, and its pros and cons.

An Overview of Whirlpool Corporation

The Whirlpool Corporation is a multinational manufacturer of home appliances which is based in the United States. The company was included in the Fortune 500 due to its annual revenue of about $21 billion. They have about 100,000 employees and 70 manufacturing centers around the world such as in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Ohio, and Iowa.

Today, the company markets other brands like Kitchen Aid, Amana, Maytag, Whirlpool, Inglis, Estate Brastemp, Hotpoint, Consul, and others.

The company was founded by Louis Upton in November 1911. Together with his uncle, Emory Upton, they created the first electric motor-driven wringer washers. Through the years, the company has been creating sophisticated yet uncomplicated home appliances.

Their products are high-quality and have an Eco and Energy Star certification. Some of their products are washers, dryers, pedestals, fabric refreshing, kitchen appliances, and water filters. Their innovative products are designed to create a cleaner, more efficient, and more flavorful activities inside the home.

Apart from creating products, they also maintain their social responsibility by partnering with charities such as the Boys and Girls Club of America, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, Cook for the Cure, and  Instituto Consulado da Mulher.

Whirlpool Whelj1 Whole House Water Filter Features

This product of Whirlpool has a lifespan of 10 years for both the unit and the filter. It can produce up to 1,000,000 gallons of water for the family and its water flow rate is 6 gallons per minute.

This product features a Filter Sense Technology which uses a filter media bed together with granular activated carbon. The technology can remove particles even if it measures 40 microns. It can remove chlorine and sediment from the water. In addition, it can also improve the odor and taste of the water.

The unit has an automatic control system that will drain, flush, and clean the internal filter every 14 days rather than replacing it every few months. It has an electronic control system and a display screen that shows the system cleaning.

If the unit does not have a power for more than 8 hours, it will reset to the opening at 14 days. Then, you can reprogram the system and adjust it to your desired settings. To ensure that the product is efficient, program the system according to the contaminants in the water.

Meanwhile, this product uses electricity but unlike other systems, it does not require too much space. You can put this in a corner or in-between two units.

In addition, the Whelj1 has one connector which means that it will not create a noticeable drop in the water pressure of your home.

Finally, the Whelj1 is easy to install and it requires no maintenance, unlike other brands. You will be needing two 1 NPT female connectors and extra tubes to connect the filter to the existing plumbing pipes. Be careful to monitor the water filter system and adjust it on the first few days according to your water needs and situation.

Whirlpool Whelj1 Whole House Water Filter Specifications

The product measures 10.5″ x 13.5″ x 34″ and it weighs about 8 ounces. The Whelj1 package includes ground clamp kit, bypass valve, 10 feet drain hose, clips, installation adaptors, hose clamps, adaptor elbow, and a manual for installation.

Moreover, it has a maximum allowable inlet water pressure of 125 pounds per square inch (psi) and a minimum of 30 pounds per square inch (psi). If the day time pressure is over 80 pounds per square inch (psi), nighttime pressure may exceed the maximum. With this, it is recommended to use a pressure reducing valve.

Meanwhile, this system will work on 24 volts, 60 Hz electrical power only. It must be supplied by a direct plug-in transformer which is included in the package.

In using the product, make sure that you use the transformer and plug it in a nominal 120 volts, 60 cycle household outlet protected by a fuse. If the transformer is replaced, use only the authorized service, Class II, and 24V 10VA transformers.

Pros of using Whirlpool Whelj1

One of its pros is that the system is maintenance free and you can leave it on its own.  This means that you can avoid a lot of costs that would be due to cartridge and filter replacements.

This product is affordable and a great investment of clean water for ten years, unlike other brands. Another advantage of this system is that it can provide each user with a steady water flow all throughout the day. This product offers about 6 gallons of water per minute (GPM).

Second, you can also avoid constant filter replacement and save your time on other things.

Third, the water filter system can be programmed according to the water condition available in your area. If the water contains more than sediments, it can be adjusted to clean itself more often. With this, you can be assured of the quality of water you provide for your family and prevent various health complications.

Lastly, the product has a one-year of warranty in case that the user needs replacement on the products or services. This is indeed a good deal for your family.

Cons of using Whirlpool Whelj1

Apart from the benefits, there are also disadvantages of using Whirlpool Whelj1.

For one, the filter media cannot be replaced every month. After ten years, you need to replace the entire system.

Second, this product uses electricity, unlike other brands. Thus, when your home runs out of electricity, then you won’t have any filtered water too.

Third, the system cannot filter high iron or hydrogen sulfide. It does not have any pre-filter that will protect the main filter from larger particles and prevent clogging. This filter, though great at what it does, does not remove all the contaminants from your water. Contaminants like metals, cysts, and lead will still be in the water.

In addition, it can only filter up to 4 microns, unlike reverse osmosis (RO) products that have propylene filter and can clean up to 1 micron of particles.

Lastly, if you are not mechanically inclined or handy person, then you might experience difficulty installing the product alone. You will need to hire a plumber to install it which will mean another charge to you.


In sum, the whole house water filtration system is an innovative product that had benefited many families. For many years, several companies had dedicated their time and talent to create amazing filters that can solve issues that we currently face in our residential water. There are now sediment filters, reverse osmosis, multi-media filtration system, granular activated carbon, and water softeners a family can choose from.

One of the best whole house water filters is from the Whirlpool Corporation. Whirpool is popular worldwide due to its high-quality, eco-friendly products. Their whole house water filter system has disadvantages too but its advantages undermine those cons, based on the solution it offers to modern homes nowadays.

Thus, Whirpool Whelj1 for your home? Yes, it’s a deal!